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Water Heaters and Boilers

Storage Tank Water Heaters –Residential & Commercial

Conventional storage tank water heaters, as opposed to tankless water heaters, remain the most popular type of water heating system for residential and commercial properties. Storage tank water heaters contain an insulated tank where water is heated and accumulates until needed. It operates by releasing hot water from the top of the tank when you turn on the hot water tap. To replace that hot water, cold water enters the bottom of the tank, ensuring that the tank is always full.

A conventional storage tank water heater operates either through gas or electricity.  Although an electric water heater can be used almost anywhere, typical homes in Southern California that already use gas for other home appliances (such as a stove or fireplace), are more likely to continue to install gas water heaters.  Additionally, gas water heaters generally consume less energy and are thus less expensive to operate than electric water heaters of an equal size. If you intend to convert from electric to gas or vice-versa, contact us.

A storage tank water heater should last 10-15 years; various factors will affect the life span, but regular maintenance will ensure a longer life. If your water heater lived its expected life of 10-15 years, leaks, works unpredictably or does not work at all, it’s probably time for a new water heater. In the time of replacement, E.Z. Roth Plumbing can install your water heater whether you buy the heater through suppliers or us.

Residential storage tank water heaters can vary from as small as 10 gallons (for small appliances under sinks) to as big as 100 gallons. Smaller water heaters are more commonly replaced with new tankless water heaters.

Since an average household of four occupants will use between 80-120 gallons of hot water a day, it is important to be using an efficient water heater. When it is time to replace your water heater, E.Z. Roth Plumbing will replace any size water heater quickly and hassle-free.

E.Z. Roth Plumbing will help you choose the Residential or Commercial water heater that best fits your needs.

Things to consider:
•    Recovery rate -the quantity of gallons the water heater will heat in an hour.
•    Dimensions (width and height) -to make sure the new water heater will easily replace the unit that is in the current location, or if your plan is to upgrade to a larger water heater unit (space permitting).
•    The energy efficiency rating – the estimated annual utility fees for the unit.

Commercial Water Heaters

Commercial water heaters are significantly larger and involve a greater amount of gas to operate than residential water heaters. We generally install commercial water heaters in multiple unit buildings or in commercial locations such as restaurants. Created for its function, commercial water heaters are manufactured to withstand higher temperatures.

E.Z. Roth Plumbing has been installing commercial water heaters for 36 years, and we are up to date with the related city codes, specifications and requirements. Whether you are maintaining or installing a new water heater, call us at (323) 469-5692 or schedule an appointment online.

Water temperature
Contact us when your water is too hot or not hot enough. To avoid getting burnt or running out of hot water, E.Z. Roth Plumbing can ensure your hot water thermostat is set to your desired heat or at the recommend setting of 120°-125° F.

E.Z. Roth Plumbing will match or beat the price of any licensed plumber’s quote in the area.

Hot Water Boilers

A hot water boiler is an appliance used to heat water for a heating system. Hot water boilers are typically heated by natural gas as it is currently the most economical choice. Set to a preset temperature, the produced hot water radiates heat, by means of a motorized pump, that circulates throughout the enclosed pipes in the residence or business.

Should it be time for a new boiler installation, we will help you properly evaluate your heating requirements in order to ensure your new boiler is adequate for your needs.

E.Z. Roth Plumbing can provide you with all your boiler installations, repairs and maintenance. Contact us if you are experiencing a boiler that is noisy, providing poor heat, not producing any heat, etc.