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Welcome to E.Z. Roth Plumbing

Our objective is to provide fast, efficient and reliable service at a competitive price. We offer FREE estimates on ALL installations or replacements. Having trained dozens of skilled plumbers, E.Z. Roth Plumbing dispatches some of Los Angeles’s best qualified and experienced technicians. We take pride that we employ and work with highly-skilled plumbers and technicians that have been a part of E.Z. Roth Plumbing for well over 18 years. This affirms E.Z. Roth Plumbing as being amongst the most outstanding, trustworthy and reliable plumbing contractors.

As a plumbing specialist, E.Z. Roth Plumbing is consciously aware that already remarkably high utility costs are constantly on the rise; therefore, in addition to our regular services, E.Z. Roth Plumbing has innovative ideas, designs and solutions to reduce your water utility bill. Lowering your water usage helps our environment and saves you money, which is essential during today’s hard economic times. For a conservation consultation, contact us or click here for more details on The Water Bureau conservation solution.

Serving Southern California for over 55 years, E.Z. Roth Plumbing is here to assist and help you with all your plumbing needs. E.Z. is just our name; when it comes to your plumbing needs, we do everything from A to Z. Think of us as your plumber.

If you are currently experiencing plumbing troubles and would like a plumber as soon as possible, call us 24-hours a day, 7-days a week at 323-469-6952 (TEMPORARY NUMBER AS OUR CURRENT LINE IS DOWN) or 1-888-3-FLOODING (888-335-6634).

Alternatively, you may fill out a brief form and have us contact you at a convenient time. To do so click here.