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CA Backflow Testing

  • It prevents contaminated water from getting into the main water supply- which can be a health hazard to you and your family. [It can even be fatal].
  • It is required by law: California Code of Regulations, Title 17, the Los Angeles County Code, Title 11 § 11.38.480 and California Health & Safety Code, section 116800.
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What is a backflow prevention device? What is it used for?

Backflow prevention devices prevent the potable water system from getting contaminated by stopping contaminants in the consumer’s water from flowing back into the city’s water system.

If anything affects the pressure in the (city) main water system, like from a damaged or leaking line, from an irrigation system, main, or very heavy usage there is a risk that contaminated water can flow back into the potable water system; better known as a backflow.
Drinking this water is a great health risk and it may be fatal. There are more than 10,000 cases of backflow contamination reported each year. Therefore a backflow device is critical to prevent a backflow condition to contaminate the main water supply.

Some examples of these toxins are in  irrigation water, cleaning chemicals,  canteen machines, pesticides, fire supply lines, water conditioners used in boilers, and more.

The EPA and the State of California require water districts to be responsible for the purity of the water. The LA water agencies in different districts make sure every backflow devices is tested once a year to check if it is working properly.

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